Affordable ways to spend winter school holidays under $40


Winter holidays can be tough especially if it’s raining or really cold. Allowing our children to spend hours and hours on various devices may feel better on the surface, but deep down we know that it’s not the best thing for them.

However, it can be tough to entice children in other activities. While there are plenty of activities children can do, most of them are not light on your pocket. In such a case, we have compiled a list of activities which you can perform with your children and they are under $40.


If your kids are fans of reality cooking shows, then are not winter school holidays perfect for cooking?

You already have everything at home to get started and maybe you will need to visit the local grocery shop.

The major part of your morning will be utilized by your children in chopping, stirring, and assembling. If you are smart enough, you will use a recipe that can double as lunch or even to dinner. In this way you won’t have to start cooking right after cleaning the mess.

You can also ask your kids to make separate dishes and choose your favourite one.


Everyone loves to sing at bathroom. It will be more fun if you have a karaoke The Voice competition machine. One of your family members can be the judge.

eBay sells one Kid’s Karaoke Machine with two microphones and an adjustable stand, all for $38.89.

Later on, you can use this machine on birthdays, or just weekends. With the rise of online videos calls apps like Zoom, you could organize a singing competition online and invite your whole classmates.


Remember those single socks left at the bottom of your laundry basket? Thank god that you lost their other halves because now they are going to make up for an excellent sock puppet.

Just gather up all the socks and any arts and crafts material left over. Ask your children to make their sock puppets and plan a story for the rest of the day. Give them some tasks, don’t do everything on your own. After all, it’s their winter vacation.

If you need inspiration about a story line, buy yourself a book. If you need big round eyes for your puppet then head over to your local discount store. Everything will come under $40 easily.


Kids are most fascinated by making a mess. And if this mess gets little creativity, then it is the best.

Collect everything that was going to be thrown away. Now, you can ask your children to make things from it. They can make toys, toy boxes, or just decorating a shoe box for storing items.

Make sure that you praise the efforts with full enthusiasm. Plus, you just got rid of lots of waste in a healthy way. Arts and crafts develop child’s brain. Children learn to become resourceful and the creative part of their brain strengthens which helps them in looking at the problem in a unique way.

  • HUNT

If the temperature outside is manageable, then you should go for an outdoor scavenger hunt. You can also organize it inside of your house though

A scavenger hunt doesn’t necessarily need an expensive prize. Anything can be a prize.

There are scavenger hunt sets available on eBay for as low as $25. They have ideas for both indoor and outdoor. Otherwise, just simply Google for the right things. Such activities are way better than playing pub-g on mobile phone. Video games have come just a few decades ago. Human brain has developed itself over a thousand of years by being outside.


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