Schools are fundamental building blocks for children


Schools are not just child’s play but the fundamental building blocks:The recent metrics results from 2017 have shown that early education yet needs more attention. This time is crucial for American education system to reflect its overall state and particularly in early childhood development.

The real learning does not start with school going age but it begins at the time when a child is born. Therefore, the country should shift its focus on assisting parents and caregivers to prepare children for school. This means that the students should be ready for school when they hit the age. This results in success for schools and teachers.

A solid foundation is the key to a strongly built house.

The same principle is applicable for Early Child Development. Focus on students in the early age makes success more possible in the future. If a child has good foundation of numeracy and literacy, the greater are the chances to succeed.

ECD plays a crucial role in getting the student ready for formal schooling. In this way the formal schooling can focus on building responsible adults.

We need to set realistic goals when a child starts school. Learning through playing can help a child a lot in his formal education. It is seen that those students with good foundation in formative years of lives are more likely to succeed. In simple terms, investment in early childhood development is one of the most effective ways to fight inequalities.

Research shows that 60% children start their lives at a lower capacity than they should and they keep on lagging for all the time. The outcome is educational under-achievement, high rates of personal and social problems as well as poor possibilities of growth, prosperity, and social stability.

A recent review from ECD Diagnostic review has shown that even when there is slight progress in the sector, there are students who have minimal support to poor quality of ECD services.

Formal schooling age is too late for a child to begin learning. There is a need to focus on ECD and care.

Investment in early education should be seen as a long-term investment, but also as the most cost-effective investment that holds the largest gains for a country.  The question is how to go about it?

A clear strategy must be used by those who are willing to start ECD centers. Simultaneously, rise in awareness of ECD should be sustained. This will make sure that ECD programming is effective and has good quality. ECD practitioners should be trained properly with all the proper equipment such as toys/study material.

It is important to assist ECD centers with registrations for programs. Parents also need support and they should be enlightened with workshops on how education starts with learning by playing. The ECD should take center position as the initialization of education.

With help of government, civil societies and corporate America, all of this can become a reality.