Making Yoga Mandatory at School to Promote Healthy Lifestyle


As education is evolving, the students have less time for physical activities. The modern fast-food culture is making our lives unhealthier. Even if students find some time away from studies, they would rather spend it on playing computer games or watching movies or using social media. Doing exercises or playing outdoor games is not possible all the time and as per convenience. So, is there any solution that takes less time and can be done at one’s own convenience? 

Yes, Yoga is the answer. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga can be practised anywhere with no special equipment. Here are the reasons why it’s the best activity to promote in a busy schedule.

  • Practically Free – Unlike joining a gym, you can just start off with some basic poses for free.
  • Boosts positive and happy chemicals – Can promote mental happiness among students as they have a lot of stress to deal with. Brings out the confidence in them.
  • Time Independent – You can even do it before you have dinner. Students are mostly busy with homework and tuitions. So, they can make time for it here.
  • Indoor Activity – Students can easily do this in a room and does not require to go out. Also, it makes it the perfect physical activity to perform at any time

Should Yoga be made Compulsory in School?

Students of today are also mentally unwell. The school and friendships can be overwhelming resulting in unwanted anxiety, stress, and melancholy. That’s why yoga helps a lot as it serves well for both mental and physical wellness.

Another common problem seen in students is bad posture. The asanas in Yoga can help improve body postures. Moreover, this learning will always stay with the students forever. A healthy body posture is important for a good physique and makes one appear confident.

With breathing techniques, one can learn to control anger, manage their emotions better from a young age. If this is started at the school, then chances of students going for detention on disciplinary issues will drop. More and more students will be in line. 

The cost of inculcating Yoga in students’ curriculum is low in comparison to any sports. Basic things like yoga mats and yoga music are required. Also, a yoga instructor needs to be hired. 

Yoga is more like a break from the hectic schedule of students. Students also learn the difference between active and passive life. Overall, there are many good reasons to make it compulsory for schools’ curriculum.

Possible Hurdles

While the idea of making yoga mandatory may sound completely enticing there are possible challenges that will be faced by the schools. The biggest challenge would be the cost. While the cost of adding yoga to the curriculum is less, but the fee for a highly qualified trainer is also high. To cover this cost, schools will need to hike the fee and that will increase the financial burden on parents. Consequently, the parents will be stressed.

Moreover, it would be hard to capture every students’ interest in yoga. Some of the students will be more interested in playing outdoor games. Other problems are lack of skilled instructors and chances of injuries.


The possible challenges of introducing yoga in schools are easy to overcome. The benefits easily outweigh the cons. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, yoga can be a boon for students relieving them from stress and anxiety. Also, parents can learn from students making it a family’s healthy lifestyle. 


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