How To Teach Teen To Drive a Car Safely – A Step by Step Guide


Car is one of the most expensive and fragile possessions in a household and giving your teen the control of it might be scary at first. If you are going to teach your teen how to drive then you must consider reading this article.

What You Should Expect

Your teen should approach you. Some of the 15 to 16 years old teens are not interested. If you think they are ready then give a hint and wait for teen to come to you. Don’t make it an issue.

Make a plan beforehand.

Acquaint your teen with the area where you are going to drive and what skills you are going to work upon.

You are their teacher.

You should have patience and tolerance, your teen is just learning. Make specific comments rather than general ones.


Always compliment the good work.

Make corrections by asking questions.

Rather than saying “You’re going to get a speeding ticket” you must say, “what’s the speed limit here?’.

Increase the momentum slowly.

Start in an empty parking lot. Move to a residential area with fewer cars then move to streets with heavy traffic. Develop complete confidence. You have to be aware of the surroundings as your teen is just a newbie.

Be Careful while telling directions.

Reserve the word “right” just for direction and “correct” for something done as expected.

Have realistic expectations.

Practice for only 15 to 20 minutes in the starting. Extend time with increase in confidence of your teen.

Be their ideal. Drive in the same way in which you want them to drive. Start in daylight and sunny weather. New drivers are too risky otherwise.

Five Stages in Learning to Drive

Stage 1: Getting Familiar With The Vehicle

Your teen should know

  • How to start and stop the engine
  • How to switch headlights and parking lights
  • How to use windshield wipers
  • All the lights on the dashboard
  • Fastening seat belts
  • Change a flat tire
  • How to deal with accident

Stage 2: Foundational Skills

Maneuvering the vehicle and controlling it.

  • Make safe turns with indicators
  • Smooth stopping
  • Shifting gears
  • Reversing the car
  • Being aware of the surroundings

Stage 3: Avoiding Distractions & Understanding the Surrounding

Learning about co-ordinations with other vehicles

  • Passing an intersection, 4-way stops 2-way stops and uncontrolled intersections.
  • Smooth lane changing
  • Keeping distance from other vehicles
  • Driving courteously
  • Following speed limits and traffic signs
  • Crossing railroad tracks
  • Usage of mirrors

Stage 4: Taking Turns & Parking the Vehicle

Parking a vehicle is no easy game.

  • Parking safely on uphill and downhill
  • Safe parallel parking
  • Pulling into and out of 90 degree parking space
  • Pulling into and out of diagonal parking space
  • Making U-turn
  • Making T-point turn

Stage 5: Intermediate Skills

After completing stages 1 to 4

  • How to drive safely on the freeway, merging, and lane changes while maintaining the gap
  • Driving at night
  • Driving on ice, snow and in rainy weather.

If planned out well then teaching driving to your teen could be very easy and fun.


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