Want better education for your child? All parents read this

Parents are the key to better education: The primary reason behind the deterioration of education today isn’t the teacher pay or funding for supplies at school. It is the lack of involvement of parents in the children’s education.

Parents are not attending open house nights or return emails or phone calls from teacher, some of them don’t even check their children’s backpacks or enquire about the grades or just about their favorite teacher. Altogether, this makes the education ineffective.


An involved, alert and participating parent is much more effective than pay raises for teachers, additions to the school infrastructure, laptops or chromebooks. Rather, no extra pay for teachers or new bells and whistles in a school may increase the attention of a child during a class.

Lack of new technology can make the children more serious about learning and education overall. It can even make parents encourage children to use everything at the school to the fullest and all other available resources. The raise in taxes to improve school funds will not help eliminate the challenges children experience at home with poverty, or with parents who do three jobs or with living in treacherous neighborhood.

The time has come when we should stop blaming the school funding as the main issue in education and instead, the parents should get involved and support schools, teachers and staff in improving the educational experience of their child.

To all the parents, please take the school seriously and push your children to see their full potential and importance of education.