Helping Your Academically Struggling Child: Tips for Parents


You might have worked really hard to not let your child struggle at academics but at some point in his school career he is going to struggle. To prepare you we have got some strategies to better cope with the situation when at hand.

  • Leave your kid frustrating for a while.

Under the pressure of struggle with homework and tests, children too often become touchy and angry. The victim of their anger becomes the parents; you may be wondering for what you have done wrong but believe us it is just mild frustration which he wants to drive somewhere. They do so to make you feel as helpless as they feel. You can think of it as your child saying “Can you please have my hopelessness for some time?”

  • Get a break.

Frustration might pile up and your child may give up, if anger takes vandalizing form then give him a break. All he may need is to just feel free from this mess on his head. Ask them to come back in some time and restart and that some time will save hours of struggle.

  • Try not to be rational all the time.

If your kid is really upset from the work and school then he is probably not in a mood to be rational. In such a situation don’t rant or argue with your child about the issue. Let him cool down and then talk about it politely.

  • Let kids make mistakes.

It is hard to control the urge of correcting your kid’s homework but his teacher has asked you not to interfere unless he asks for help. The teacher wants to evaluate what your child knows about the subject not what you know.

  • Work in chunks.

Teachers don’t recommend young children to study for more than half hour in one sitting at a particular subject thus they ask parents to limit the time for work as well. If your child struggles with limit, write a note to his teacher and seek help.

  • Reach out to school.

If even you feel like that some of the work given is making your child over work then you should talk about it to the school administration. Don’t wait for the next conference or Parents teachers meeting as it’s time for some new strategies.

  • Make your kid organized.

This is a crucial skill that is helpful throughout the life, but it can be challenging as well. However, you can teach your kid to be organized by showing him how you organize your things. Encourage them to label things, develop plans, try to-do lists, schedule weekly cleaning of the backpack and cleaning the desk,, Be patient in this process as it is highly required.

  • Understand that school work is meant to be challenging.

No child has been raised without a battle with the homework. There is no- conflict-less homework for the students as the purpose of the homework is to make your kid learn by struggling, it might be also fun many times but if you help him in the right way it could be fun always.


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