College tuition fee across 28 countries around the world

United States is infamous for having the most expensive college education in the world. Some families even go into debt to afford it. No doubt that even the quality of education is the best.

A study says that more than 40 million Americans are in education debt, 14% of these owe at least $50,000. But this is not the case anywhere. Another late 2017 study found out that higher education costs throughout the world is in the US among the 35 OECD member countries.


In public institutions, at the bachelor level, the average tuition fee is $8,202 per year. In the list published by Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, about 33% of the countries don’t charge any fee. In about 10 countries the tuition fee is less than $4,000.

Here is the complete list off how much college costs in 28 countries across the world. The list is sorted alphabetically.

Australia: $4,763 per year. There are 40 public universities.

Austria: $914

Canada: $4,939

Chile: $7,654

Estonia: Zero. Just like Denmark, Estonian students can study for free. However, courses taught in English may attract a tuition fee between $1,900 and $8,700 per year.

Denmark: Zero. Higher education is free because Denmark is a part of European Union but foreigner students have to pay somewhere between $7,000 to $19,000.

Finland: Zero. The education is free for EU students. However, American students may have fee between $4,600 and $16,000 depending on the institution. Though, scholarships are available to aid the finances.

Norway: Zero. The education is free for everyone, be it EU student or a foreign student.

Sweden: Zero. Just like Denmark and Finland, EU student studies for free but foreign students have to pay a fee of approximately $9,000 every year.

Germany: Zero. The education is free for everyone, EU and non-EU students. An administration fee is applicable ranging from $175 to $300 per semester. But it was not part of the OECD study.

Hungary: $766

Israel: $3,095

Italy: $1,658

Japan: $5,229

Korea: $4,578. South Korean students are the most educated students in the developed world, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Latvia: $1,745 to $5,200

Luxembourg: $454 to $907

Mexico: $527

Netherlands: $2,420. The fee is for the native students. Foreigners have to pay at least $7,000 per year to study in the Netherlands.

New Zealand: $4,295

Poland: Zero

Portugal: $1,124 to $1,821

Slovak Republic: Zero

Slovenia: Zero

Spain: $1,830

Switzerland: $1,168

Turkey: Zero

United States: $8,202

The United States top the list in terms of tuition fee. However, there is no clear indicator that shows a direct relation between fee and quality of education.

Private universities in United States have much more fee than the national average. This directly results in more student debt. Most of the students come out college with heavy debts and the responsibility to repay it.

The scholarships have intense competitions which make it hard for citizens to have higher education at low costs. Consequently, unemployment gets a rise as well. The government support is not enough for now.


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