Here’s How You Can Raise a Global Child?


With the advancement in technology and transportation the world has become smaller. Everything and everyone is connected to each other like never before, we can talk to people living in a completely opposite time zone in just a matter of seconds at the convenience of home. This change is sure to hit our children and brings them more of a global exposure, but with pros come the cons and that is why here are some tips to regulate what your child interacts with and truly make him a global kid.

Watch age-appropriate movies and TV programs

Not only these programs help us visualize different cultures but leave us with things to discuss and analyze. Your child can learn about different countries, their cultures, festivals, languages, food, art and what not. Example of such a media is movie Shopkins: World Vacation.

Spend some time with people from different culture

You can have a ‘world dinner’ once a week to enjoy different food. Read a bedtime book about a different culture to your child. Always seek opportunities for your family to meet people from different country, culture, religion and background.

Inspire your child to learn a foreign language

A bilingual kid is more likely to have better career opportunities, ease in building cross-cultural friendships and many myriad benefits. If your child knows Mandarin, they will be able to communicate with billion people globally, speak Hindi and your child can communicate with 650 million people.

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Plan a foreign vacation

Think about a tropical holiday to Bali, Fiji or Thailand, a road trip across the USA or Canada, or some time in Turkey’s delight. An overseas trip for your family can be a learning experience undoubtedly. Your kids are absolutely going to savor the first-hand different languages, customs, art, music, foods and sights of different place. If you can’t afford a trip abroad then just visit your city’s China Town, or Italian Quarter to experience the culture in your city.

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Celebrate festivals of different cultures

Get your kids acquainted with different celebrations. Not just celebrate, explore the history, traditions and the reason behind celebrations. You can start with India’s Diwali, USA’s Thanks giving, Chinese New Year, and Ireland’s St Patrick’s Day etc.

Get a world map for your child’s room

Whenever you are discussing relevant world maps then use a handy world map nearby and ask your child to locate the country.

Welcome an exchange student

If you have enough space then probably this is the best way to bring a different culture to your home. You can think of it more as a cultural exchange in which both parties share knowledge. Au pairs are also a good option in which students provide child care and home duties in exchange of room and food. Your children can get enormous benefit from such an experience.


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