How To Help Your Teen With School


As a parent it is our job to make sure that our teen is prepared for the school, both physically and mentally. Helping a teen with school is like training an athlete, and requires persistence with discipline. Adopt these strategies to keep your teen in the best shape.

An extra hour of sleep.

Your teen needs more sleep than younger teens, not less. According to sleep researchers, older teenagers’ brains secrete melatonin (sleep hormone) an hour later than in early teens. So, they lose an hour of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the most crucial phase of sleep cycle. Your child can manage this by organizing his things together before sleeping and sleep an extra hour in the morning.

Good homework and study habits.

The first kind of mind-set seen in kids who struggle from elementary school to middle school, they tend to believe that success or failure is predestined and comes as a matter of luck.

Your duty as a parent is to make sure that your child adopts the mind-set that advocates toil, consistency and dedication decide the difference between success and failure. Such children are willing to take the leap and work towards tackling the toughest situation.

An environment dedicated to homework.

Youngsters are quite grown up and need their own space for studies that is dedicated for that purpose only. Think as of a mini-office. Get a table with drawers for storage and ample surface to put all the materials together on it. Make sure TV is not present in the room,

Dedicated homework hours.

High school teenagers spend late afternoons in extra-curricular activities such as sports, part-time jobs and so on. But this might distort the sleep rhythm of your child. You need to make sure that your teen is getting ample time to do his homework. But if there are not enough hours in the day then you should cut off from some extra-curricular activities or job.

Assist the teen and learn if teen is overworked.

We expect our teens to be good at everything and it might get overwhelming for your teen to stand on your expectations. Knowing that someone is there to assist them keeps their morale good. Also, keep a dab f he is getting excessive workload from school. If this is the case then contact the school.

Buy or lease a computer.

Old times are gone and computer has hit every field –be it studies or work. In the present time it is essential for kids to have it for assistance. Grown up teens don’t play much games on PC and spend more time in educating themselves. If you can’t afford a computer then offer your teen to go to the public libraries.

Limited Part time job hours.

While it is important for your child to get first hand learning experience but it should not affect the studies. If any disturbance is observed then you should fix the hours your teen can work. Keep your teen’s morale good and cheerful, your constant support is sure to help him succeed.