The Importance of Teenage Friendship and Your Role As a Parent


Relocating from one state to another state because of work is common for some people. Though, it might be easy to transition for you but it can turn out to be a traumatic experience for your teenagers and all of the transition boils down to losing friends. So, why is it so hard for your teenagers to leave friends?

Change in Patterns

As we mature from our late teens towards adulthood we tend to become choosier while picking friends. While on the other hand when we were in per-adolescent stage then our friends were from neighborhood, classes and sports team. It was more based on proximity, status, common interests and personalities.

Parents can’t understand the association of their teens with their friends via normal connections. Most of the things you know about their friends is second hand information from your teens or the siblings.

As teenage unfolds your children establish close emotional connections with their friends and become more independent from parents. It is completely natural and parents should not worry when kids start getting guidance from their friends.

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Before teenage, children used to make friends of the same gender and best friends were either two boys or two girls. When your kid steps into teenage he forgets the gender bias and their peer group tends to have both girls and boys. This part is completely natural and one should not worry much about it but parents should guide relationships with opposite gender.

Teenagers tend to have different social needs. Some might be homesick and not socialize much while for some it may be hard to stay at home. Both cases are perfectly normal and unless your teen has antipathy towards making friends you should not really push anyone to follow a different path in which one might not be comfortable.

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What parents should do?

You should try to learn and interact with your teens’ friends.

The best way is to have a small talk when meeting their friends and friends’ parents. In this way you will know names of everyone and your conversations with your teens will be more friendly.

Welcome your teens’ friends to your place and make your home their place to spend time.

This way you can have a little supervision on your teens, make sure your kids are not in bad company, and it also brings positive vibes for your teens. Usually all boys need is good food and good games while girl may need some craft or chick-flick videos.

Cut those friendships which put your teen at some risk.

If you see any sign of abuse (be it mental, physical, emotional or sexual) then don’t hesitate to jump in between and put moderation. In case the situation aggravates then visit the parents of that friend.

Try involving friends in family functions.

You can get to know your teens’ friends in a better way by this. You can ask a few friends to pull up for hiking, fishing or picnic. You will not only strengthen the bond between your teens and you plus you become comfortable with their friends.