International students in America are a vital part of economy

International students in US colleges are responsible for $30 billion of the country’s economy every year. They also prepare young Americans to work in a diverse culture.  But the recent political climate change has made things uneasy for international students studying here. The fear has prevailed after Trump’s administration and a few other factors.

Multiculturalism and Education

The importance of these students is clearly visible. That is why hundreds of US colleges have joined the #YouAreWelcomeHere video social media campaign. These colleges want to convey the message to International students that they are always welcome. US higher education needs to be both safe and open to the world.

Here are some big reasons.

Loss of $30 billion to US economy

Over 1 million international students contribute more than $30 billion every year to US economy. Every college wants to boost their numbers. But a lot of parents of international students have been scared because of alarming news headlines about violence and bias at US schools, others are worried about visa restrictions.

Just because of the political friction in US, the interest of international students has decreased to one-third of 2,104 prospective international students surveyed in February 2017.

The number of new enrollments also dipped before the election of Mr. Trump. The difference was of 10,000 students in fall of 2016.

One contributing factor can also be government scholarships for international students in Brazil and Saudi Arabia for students to go abroad. There is also an increase in opportunities in big countries such as India and strategies applied by nations like Canada, which markets itself as safe and welcoming.

Alluring the students

Trump’s policies and almost anti-immigrant approach has already crushed dreams of many international students. But this is not what the schools want and thus they have been working double time to provide opportunities for international students to interact.

The US State Department continues to promote study in various countries through its Education USA offices. State Department and U.S. agencies are also working on taking action to address growing concerns about theft of intellectual property and threats to national security by individuals from certain countries.

Chinese students are put through new screening guidelines. It would require annual renewal of visa. These security concerns are undoubtedly important but with the new immigration policies, it is a clear signal to international students that they are not welcome.

The unsafe US”

Chinese parents say that they fear discrimination against their children since Trump’s election. The violent crimes against non-whites also disturb them. The recent media coverage of gun violence, they conclude that US is not safe.

Many students enquire if they can apply to US and Canada or other countries at the same time. Still those students who get into top-ranked US universities and can afford tuition does not mind the concerns.

After all this, those students who have been negatively affected by violence in US urge people to see the bigger picture. Education in US yet has its considerable share of merits.



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