Michigan can become a top 10 economy only if education improves

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There is a need of more research on the way public schools in Michigan and across the United States spend state aid to figure out how to get more spent on the classroom instruction.

Also there is a call to keep the current student testing assessment system at a place.

Changes have been made in student assessments three times in three years and it is to be done again. This makes it hard for the teachers to understand the goal when the goal changes every year.

A report calls to continue the coordination of shared business services among schools districts to keep the goal of achieving enough savings for the 545 local school districts in state, 299 charter schools and 56 country-level intermediate school districts. But policymakers seem to stoop the mergers of school districts.

They have to say that it takes resources and there is no clarity even if there is a need to have much geographic administration for delivering the product to students.

A group of businesses, educational and philanthropic organizations have united to help the action on Michigan schools. An education reform agenda with support from businesses and civic bodies is exactly what Michigan has been lacking.

The coalition will have BLM, Detroit Regional Chambeer, Skillman Foundation and Small Business Association as its contributors.