Back to School Traditions to Start in 2018


The holidays are over and new session is about to start, excitement is in the air. To keep the excitement afresh, here are some back to school traditions that you must start some back to school rituals.

Big Shopping Time

One of the most exciting things when we were kids was to get new school clothes and so it is for your child. No matter if it’s just a new backpack or new lunchbox; everybody gets happy when their year starts with something new.

You can take advantage of the back to school sales in the stores and take your kid there. You should make sure he or she is the center of attention and siblings are sent somewhere well in advance.

Shopping is more fun if you stop somewhere for lunch and talk to your kid about his or her goals for the new session.

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Adjust the Routine and Refresh Study Spot

A well-organized lifestyle brings good positive vibes to everyone. You can hold a meeting with elder children to discuss in what ways your family can improve everyone’s efficiency than previous session and what new things they want to experiment this year.

The time has come to get back into the work groove, put new calendars and planners, make sure kids know what to expect. Plenty of free printable material is available online, grab hold of some charts and paste them in their room. That way your kids have a very clear idea about what is their morning and after-school routine.

Refresh the study spot by stocking up new fancier supplies and organize everything in a way that it is handy. Bring some new study music, new light and if possible new furniture. The spot should be very comfortable and have plenty of light.

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First Day Should be the Best

Make this a ritual to pay special attention to your kid on his or her first day of every session. Don’t confuse it with spending a lot of time on planning menus and creating DIY decorations. All it means is to add some extra effort to make things exciting and memorable.

You can wake up earlier to prepare some special dish for your special kids. That should be his or her favorite and if possible you can even try a new recipe which your kid might definitely love. Decorate the dinner table with fresh flowers and give him or her kiss while serving food.

Manage time to get every child to get a photograph which you can save in a special photo album dedicated to only these photographs. To add more fun you can ask your kid to hold a sheet or handy chalkboard with the date and a personal note, note could be his or her dream at that age or any resolution.

The start was good with the breakfast now keep the momentum by packing a special lunchbox for your kid. Place a note in the lunchbox reminding him or her that he or she is in your thought whole day long.